Artificial Turf and Sport Flooring Company

Priced at $340,000, this innovative distributor and installer of synthetic turf and sport flooring products has been generating average sales of more than $1M annually for the past ten years. The company has a trademarked and proprietary turf component system that is environmentally friendly and is used for putting greens, sports fields, and lawns. It has also pioneered the development of a special turf edge safety system, which has positioned the company as an approved and preferred supplier for a major purchaser of field and playground installations. 

The business is seasonal, with approximately 85-90% of sales and installations taking place from April through November. Product sales are supplemented by maintenance contracts and surface sanitization programs in the fall/spring/summer and indoor sport flooring installations in the winter. The business also has an ongoing distributor program with existing distributorships in eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S. 

The owner is an entrepreneur who wants to focus his efforts on a newly established business venture. Training and consultancy support will be provided to the new owner to ensure that the company maintains its reputation as a leading synthetic turf supplier in Ontario and continues to grow its unique component system brand throughout North America.

Listed By: Gary Brooks