Clothing Retail for the Booming Senior Market in Toronto GTA

Priced $160,000.00, including $100,000 worth of inventory, a GMC Stretch Van and plenty of other equipment. The company has annual sales of $200,000 and specializes in retailing senior clothing to senior homes, nursing homes and retirement villas.

This is a booming market expected to continue to grow at a high pace until 2026 and later. The company is operated by a husband and wife in their retirement age and only operates for 140 days per year and only 5 hours per day. This is a lifestyle business with plenty of time for relaxation and travel. The business only attends about 140 showings every year in different locations in Toronto, GTA. The business could be relocated anywhere in GTA keeping the same customers, sales and profits. Sales and profits could be substantially increased by booking more showings per year, easily obtained given the company reputation and the huge demand from customers. The company has been operating for more than 13 years by the same owners and has been existing for more than 20 years.