Businesses wanted in Ontario

We have an important number of potential buyers actively looking for some specific businesses. This is a very small sample of businesses our clients are actively looking for:

Middle Market:

Manufacturing companies: former corporate executives are looking for manufacturing or distribution companies with sales between $2M and $10 M and Ebitda of at least $1M.

Import and wholesale Companies: We have a huge demand for import and wholesale companies with a large recurring customer base in Canada.

Small Businesses:

Cafeteria in an office building: the buyer is prepared to invest up to $160,000 in cash in a coffee shop/fast food in an office building. The business has to have a good presentation and have a yearly net profit of at least $60,000 (including the owner's salary).

Dry Cleaning plant: energy company is looking for dry cleaning plants in Ontario for strategic investment.

Landry and Dry Cleaning Retail: Small business investors and new immigrants are looking for small and medium size laundry (coin laundry) and dry cleaning businesses.

If you own a business that is close to these specifications, please contact us as soon as possible. We have a deal for you.